Defectors- Edgar Award-winning author of DefectorsLeaving Berlin, Istanbul PassageLos AlamosThe Prodigal SpyAlibiStardust, and The Good German

Client: Atria Publishing print & digital, The New York Times and

Goal: To create a marketing strategy that honors the artistry and style of Kanon's previous books, while expanding on the book's individual message. 

Results: A trailer that embraced the vintage feel of the cold war, and is still relevant to today's culture. Diptych print and online advertisements ran in The New York Times that hinted at thriller's plot.

Role: Creative Direction, Designer, & Video.

On Sale announcement for The New York Times digital platfrom


New York Times Book Review, June 6th 2017 issue

New York Times Book Review, June 6th 2017 issue


Graphics created for The New York Times and social media campaigns.


Short trailer for social media debut same time as The New York Times print and digital campaign.

short trailer for social media