XR Drug Awareness Campaign

Client: Welllife Network with partnerships with Universities in New York City and Tri-State Area

XR Experience: In this immersive experience, the storyline will evolve from an eight-month research process where we conduct interviews with a diverse high school and college demographic. The storyline told through a soundscape of heartbeats, and haunting melodies, our participants will experience the dangers of drug use and the dark side of the choices we make.

Resource Campaign:The campaign will cater to a broad audience of junior high, high school, and college age demographic who are starting to experiment with drugs. The website will be an interactive format featuring stories gathered from interviews during the research phase, a hotline and updated resources. It will act as a valued resource for their families/loved ones looking for support.

Location: New York City, NY and traveling installation for college campuses.

 Role: Creative Director, in collaboration with State Media Production

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 12.33.35 PM.png

Storyboards for VR Experience