Virtual Reality Drug Awareness Campaign

Client: Welllife Network with partnerships with Universities in New York  City and Tri- State Area

Virtual Reality Experience: In this immersive transmedia experience, we accompany Chloe, a college freshman on a night out, where she longs for connection, love and acceptance. We watch her make catastrophic choices that spiral out of control and we wonder whether she will take a shot at redemption recognizing that there is no easy path. Through a soundscape of heartbeats, R&B, bodily sounds and haunted melodies, our viewers experience the dangers of drug use and the dark side of the choices we make.

Resource Campaign-This will give the campaign a voice and a resource community for kids who are dealing with the social pressure to use drugs, are already addicted and the families and the community that are looking for support. The website will be in Augmented Reality format featuring stories gathered from interviews during research phase.

Location: New York City, NY and traveling installation for college campuses.

 Role: Creative Director, in collaboration with State Media Production

Four Montages for Virtual Reality Drug Awareness Experience